Our offices have a separate ICI Roofing division, trusted by the Government of Ontario


Thousands of ICI projects completed

Our team of experts understand the complexities of ICI roofs, including flat roofs, low-slope roofs, customization requirements and more.

We have the necessary experience, licenses, equipment, insurance and safety protocols in place to perform quality workmanship, minimize interruption and mitigate risks.

Our ICI roofs are also covered under our 10 year labor warranty and our partners receive access to our 24/7 Emergency Repair Line.


We know that industrial roofing isn’t just about size; it’s about strength, durability and performance. We understand the unique challenges and demands of industrial facilities and we’ve honed our expertise to meet and exceed these requirements.

The difference lies in the details: from the materials we choose from top manufacturers in the industry, to the techniques we employ. Every decision is made with precision and your facility’s longevity in mind. Our experienced team is adept at delivering roofing solutions that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Your business continuity is important to us and when you choose us for your industrial roofing needs, you’re choosing a partner that’s not only experienced, but deeply attuned to the nuances of industrial roofing.


With a proven track record spanning over 13 years, we’ve tackled a diverse range of commercial roofing projects. Our extensive expertise ensures that your roofing needs are met with precision, from routine maintenance to complex installations.

Our seasoned team delivers reliable, cost-effective and lasting solutions for your commercial property. No project is too small or too large – we’ve done it all: retail centers, mixed-use projects, office buildings, churches, multi-family residential and more.


We provide top-quality roofing solutions for institutions like schools, hospitals, and government buildings, focusing on durability, safety and energy efficiency. We cover everything from installation and repairs to maintenance and retrofitting, ensuring that the roofing system remains in optimal condition over the long term. Quality materials and workmanship is key to these projects.

Commercial projects

Why Us

We take pride in an average Homestar rating of 10/10 and overall score of 97%. We measure our success by your happiness, and we're dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction.

13+ Year Proven Track Record


13+ Year Proven Track Record

We are a licensed and insured roofing contractor, with thousands of residential, commercial and industrial projects completed and a sizeable team. You can be confident in knowing that your home is in good hands.

10 Year Labor Warranty


10-Year Labor Warranty

We stand behind our work, ensuring that your roofing solution is not only built to last but backed by a decade of trust and confidence. With us, you don’t just get the standard manufacturer’s warranty on materials, you also get our 10-year labor warranty. You can also be rest-assured that we’ll be around to outlast your warranty, with two physical locations - in Toronto and Richmond Hill.

24/7 Client Emergency Repair Line


24/7 Client Emergency Repair Line

We understand that roofing problems don’t adhere to a schedule, so, our clients receive access to our 24/7 Emergency Repair line, where our experts are able to respond promptly, suggest the best course of action and swiftly schedule repairs.