It’s recommended that you get a professional inspection done on your roof, at least every 10 years in order to mitigate small problems before they become large.

Our trained experts will look for open pipe flashings, open field seams and caulk joints, plugged drains or air vents, rooftop debris and any loose or damaged shingles or sections of roof.

We can sometimes remedy smaller issues to help you reduce costs and extend your roofing replacement.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer a range of services to safeguard your investment including different types of sealants.

Reflective Coatings help protect and extend the life of Flat Roof systems and help reduce energy costs to cool the building.

Asphalt-Based Aluminum and Acrylic Coatings are available for most single-ply and metal roof systems to help protect against potential degradation from the sun.

Asphalt Roof Cement of Asphalt Roofing Mastic is specifically used on Asphalt Shingles to seal gaps, cracks or seams and it provides a durable, weather-resistant seal.

Why Us

We take pride in an average Homestar rating of 10/10 and overall score of 97%. We measure our success by your happiness, and we're dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction.

13+ Year Proven Track Record


13+ Year Proven Track Record

We are a licensed and insured roofing contractor, with thousands of residential, commercial and industrial projects completed and a sizeable team. You can be confident in knowing that your home is in good hands.

10 Year Labor Warranty


10-Year Labor Warranty

We stand behind our work, ensuring that your roofing solution is not only built to last but backed by a decade of trust and confidence. With us, you don’t just get the standard manufacturer’s warranty on materials, you also get our 10-year labor warranty. You can also be rest-assured that we’ll be around to outlast your warranty, with two physical locations - in Toronto and Richmond Hill.

24/7 Client Emergency Repair Line


24/7 Client Emergency Repair Line

We understand that roofing problems don’t adhere to a schedule, so, our clients receive access to our 24/7 Emergency Repair line, where our experts are able to respond promptly, suggest the best course of action and swiftly schedule repairs.